A Tractor to Share

A group of 270 farmers from the furthest sectors in Chacraseca sent representatives to us with an urgent request to help them buy a new tractor.

At that time their only option for getting their fields ready to plant was to rent a tractor from someone in a nearby community, which is expensive, and they have to wait in a long line, often meaning they can't get their crops planted in time for the short spring growing season.

The tractor that JustHope donated for the farmers in Chacraseca has helped hundreds of farmers clear, plow, and plant their fields.

One farmer told us, "This is the first time in my life that I've planted my fields on time. Before I always had to wait until some other owner had finished their land and was willing to rent their tractor to me."

They rent the tractor by the day and no single farmer has to bear the cost of owning their own tractor.