Annual Report

Since 2007, JustHope has been driven by its mission of creating global partnerships that combat extreme poverty and nurture sustainable community. We have stood by our partner communities of Chacraseca and La Flor, Nicaragua, exemplifying core values of collaboration, mutuality, solidarity, and sustainability.

Here’s a quick summary of what we accomplished in 2018. Even with suspending PartnerTrips beginning in April due to the unrest in Nicaragua, we are still happy to report that the majority of our programming was not greatly affected. To learn more program specifics, please refer to each program page.

  • clipart of a stack of books
    JustHope supplied 14 schools with class resources.
  • clipart of a school backpack
    JustHope gave scholarships to 300 children.
  • clipart of a dancer in a flowing dress
    JustHope held music, art, dance, and sports lessons weekly .
  • clipart of a man in bib overalls wearing a hat
    JustHope taught 10 workshops to 150 farmers.
  • clipart of a pair of hands with drips of water
    JustHope installed hand-washing stations in 12 primary schools.
  • clipart of a building with pillars and a dollar sign
    14 microbanks gave loans to 157 small businesses.
  • clipart of an outdoor stove with flames
    JustHope gave the gifts of safe cooking with 7 green stoves.
  • clipart of a house
    JustHope built new homes for three families.
  • clipart of toilet paper roll
    JustHope added six latrines to schools and homes.
  • clipart of a group of people
    JustHope partners hosted 75 people in Nicaragua.
  • clipart Nicaragua map
    JustHope shared its mission with many in the United States.
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Our tax returns and other public legal documents are also available.

For our 10th birthday in 2017, we celebrated with A Decade of Hope, an in-depth look at JustHope and its first 10 years. View our 2017 Annual Report below.