La Flor

Above Santa Emilia, atop one of the rainforest mountains, lies the community of La Flor. There, 88 families are trying their best to make a living often without electricity, clean water, and health or social services.

Access to La Flor is by a road passable only during the few dry months of the year, and an foot bridge across the river, which means that during most of the year anything brought in (supplies, building materials, food) or anything brought out (crops) must be carried on someone's back up and down steep paths and across the bridge to the highway. Due to its small size, economic activity and opportunity is severly limited. Most residents are seasonal farm workers, picking coffee. Some food crops are grown in and around the village. Despite the logistical challenges and remote nature of La Flor, hope is deep and profound among its residents.

JustHope has worked to develop a leadership council in La Flor and JustHope Partners have collaborated with the community to build a Community Center and to develop a clean water project. Over the years, partners have financed and helped construct new homes, latrines, and green stoves. JustHope and its partners are involved in microloans and educational scholarships as well. Donated clothing and other supplies are sold in the community store, with proceeds benefiting residents.