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Transforming Insurance with Insurtech: A $165 Billion Opportunity


An Analysis of the Insurtech Market and a Review of M&A and Private Equity Activity in 2022/23

This report from Technology Holdings aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Insurtech market by highlighting major market trends and growth strategies of key players. Additionally, the report examines M&A transactions in the ecosystem, including the types of buyers and the underlying reason for these acquisitions. The report identifies five main trends that are expected to shape the future of insurance business models:

  • Increasing adoption of open insurance ecosystems through embedded insurance
  • Unleashing the power of IoT: Transforming business activities in the insurance industry
  • Personalization and insights with machine learning and AI
  • Emerging cybersecurity trends in Insurtech: Safeguarding data and mitigating risks
  • Integration of ESG Factors in insurance: Driving sustainability and responsible risk management
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